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Immersed in Winter

Is there anything better than SNOW? Yes there is!!!!

SNOW in Southern California!!!!

Okay, I realize that for most of the United States, snow is a regular thing. And for some its even dreadful. I recently returned from a trip to NYC, where salt is being prepared for the snow storms. I get that in those areas snow sucks! You have to unfreeze your car every morning. You have to plow the driveway, and walkway. You have to wear sweaters inside your house, and itchy scarves, gloves, and hats are your friends! I get all that.

But I live in the Sunshine State, the Golden Coast, or as we call it here "The hottest place on earth!"

Am I exaggerating? I think NOT! You have to understand, it's ALWAYS HOT here! Well at least for me it is. As a matter of fact, this is the first REAL WINTER we have had. ( By real winter I mean we have rain=real California winter)

But one of the perks of living in Southern California is that we pretty much have the best of both worlds. As soon as we get a real storm, our mountains and foothills get covered with a beautiful while carpet of snow. Hence we have the snow and beach all in one state! And you don't even need to drive far, they are about 2 hrs apart from each other.

This past week we had some major storms, and so it's only right that my family and I head out to beautiful Big Bear Lake and enjoy some winter fun! While it was SUPER crowded, I must say, it was so worth it!

Here are some highlights from our trip.

"Happy Snappin"

-Masha Georgiev


Montrose-Verdugo City Annual Oktoberfest 2015

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This year's annual Oktoberfest was sure to bring the beer and the sausage! More importantly it was sure to bring neighbors, friends, and families together! But I won't be writing a whole post on Oktoberfest, because I was not asked to. What I was asked however is to photograph the event.

Without further due, The Montrose-Verdugo City Oktoberfest 2015!

Montrose Photographer                                              20151004-IMG_1104 20151004-IMG_1171 20151004-IMG_0952 20151004-IMG_0956 20151004-IMG_0969 20151004-IMG_1014-2 20151004-IMG_1086 20151004-IMG_1090 20151004-IMG_1110 20151004-IMG_1120 20151004-IMG_1136-2 20151004-IMG_1147 20151004-IMG_1151 20151004-IMG_1156 20151004-IMG_1163 20151004-IMG_1173 20151004-IMG_1186 20151004-IMG_1203-2 20151004-IMG_1217 20151004-IMG_1263 20151004-IMG_1236 20151004-IMG_1257 20151004-IMG_1263 20151004-IMG_1290 20151004-IMG_1275 20151004-IMG_1310 20151004-IMG_1330 20151004-IMG_1350 20151004-IMG_1374 20151004-IMG_1378 20151004-IMG_1508 20151004-IMG_1514 20151004-IMG_1345 20151004-IMG_1522 20151004-IMG_1534 20151004-IMG_1540 20151004-IMG_1550-2 20151004-IMG_1569 20151004-IMG_1272

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