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Portland Birth & Family Photographer Masha Georgiev | Midwifery Week 2017!

Once a year the world realizes that Midwives are amazing, hardworking individuals, that support life right at the start! This week (Oct 1-7th) is World Midwifery Week! And if you had an amazing midwife deliver your baby, then pick up the phone and call her, and say THANK YOU! (Or at least text her! )

But on a more serious note, being a part of the Portland Oregon Birth Community I have worked with some of the most amazing and talented midwives out there! I have seen first hand the hard work they put into every birth. They are right there with you, from the very first moment you realize your having a baby, through the no so pleasant 9 month (40 week) journey when you and your body undergoes significat changes. To the moment you meet your little one for the very first time! Midwives ROCK! And this is my way of saying THANKS!

These are some of the amazing midvives from the Bella Vie Birth Center in Salem, OR. 

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Portland Birth Photographer Masha Georgiev
Midwifery Week 2017
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Bella Vie Birth Center Salem OR
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Bella Vie Birth Center by Masha Georgiev Birth Photographer
Portland Birth Photographer Masha Georgiev